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    Hello folks, I have decided to change forum formats. I hope everything transferred ok. I believe the passwords didn't transfer so you will have to reset your password. There are a lot of settings and I'm trying to set them up but if something isn't working let me know here.

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    Avatars seem to not be working but signatures are working.

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    Great job with the transfer! All seems good.
    Images have not been transferred indeed, but the system itself is working properly at the moment.

    My first feedback is that there is a one video embedding limit per reply.
    Could it be raised to a few only? It would be some nice convenience

    Also there are some small issues with page elements clipping,
    but I'm sure that it will be resolved anyway ;)

    Also I've seen this type of forum board used by many other groups too,
    it's a very nice and reliable one!
    Great choice!
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