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Thread: How to avoid Cali's AW laws

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    How to avoid Cali's AW laws

    [size=12pt]So I thought I'd show you guys what we now have to do to keep our rifles legal in California. I actually have a choice of leaving them as they are and registering them as "Assault Weapons" but I'd rather not have to register them as "Assault Weapons".To avoid the AW registration I made them featureless. California deems any firearm with a detachable magazine with "Evil Features" an assault weapon.

    Those features are a collapsible/adjustable stock, pistol grip, grenade launcher, forward grip and a flash hider. And as of Jan 1st, 2017 the Bullet Button will also be an "Evil Feature".
    So I made two of my rifles featureless. The AR is not 100% finished it still has the A2 flash hider but I have a muzzle break coming for it. The AK was easy It just required a grip wrap but I also added a muzzle break instead of the stock slant break that came with the rifle.

    The really stupid part is that now that I made them featureless I can get rid of the "Bullet Button" which means I no longer need a tool to remove the magazines.[/size]


    [img width=800 height=235][/img]


    [img width=800 height=214][/img]


    [img width=800 height=172][/img]


    [img width=800 height=174][/img]

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    Re: How to avoid Cali's AW laws

    I told you all you had to do was send them to me and then you wouldn't have to go thru all that changing them

    But they do look good except how the F do you hold them to shoot with those I guess they are grips. they just don't look right.
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